First Blog Post: An Essay on Social Media

On the eve of publishing my new writer site and blog, I almost seriously consider why, till now, I’ve stayed away from social media as I step further out into its sphere. 

A blog is a lot of pressure. You have to be interesting. Or you just write it for yourself and that’s OK, but you might consider keeping a journal instead.

The same can be said for a lot of people on Facebook: why aren’t you keeping a journal?

Facebook is too much pressure. I barely post. I’m still trying to figure things out. (Why would I let you see me do that—think I have it figured out only to realize I don’t? That’s embarrassing.) Even when it comes to the things I have figured out for sure, why post to my old friends and family members about it? To teach them a lesson? To show them I figured it out? To tell them I’m happy? Who cares? That’s a big question on Facebook.

Maybe…maybe I could help someone figure it out if I posted about the things I’ve learned or the things I see. A young cousin. Nudge them along if they’re so inclined. Show them that I’m being myself, openly, and that they can do that too. Share how I’m feeling so others can see what someone else feels. Comment on a post you shared about your feelings…Maybe my family and old friends would be interested to know I’m happy. Maybe some people do care.

But even if something seems worthy of typing, I’m afraid I’ll write my personality all wrong or be misinterpreted even if I get it right. And oh those people that sound self-righteous! How do you know if you’re sounding like that?

So it’s too much pressure. My something important (the world is running out of food and water! really!) could be your trigger for a mean or careless comment.

Honestly, I can be kind of sensitive.

So hopefully the world will still get somewhere better even if I don’t share my thoughts on Facebook.

I hope it will.

(Imagine if our two cents on social media made all the difference? Shit! I think it can!)

Also, I don’t care that much about social media. It’s too tiring. So I don’t post. It’s mostly out of fear of backlash or misinterpretation, but it’s out of disinterest too. I’ve got shit to do.

If I want to change the world, I can do it in person.

Or develop an entire online persona dedicated to getting you to care about what I care about too—like the fucking planet!—backlash be damned! (Why don’t you care more!)

Social media is so tiring. The world is tiring.

I think a ubiquitous thought nowadays for people connected to social media is to fantasize over what they would or might post. Only, people like me usually don’t post it.

Honestly, I think it’s for the best.

Posting to social media gives the feeling of communicating with The Whole World. Who knew that’s what we all wanted. (Wait, did you? I’m just realizing this now.) Only The Whole World can’t argue what you’ve said because it’s Your Page and Your Thoughts. Although sometimes they do, and then that sucks. Unless you feed off that type of thing. (I don’t.) And in the end, it’s not The Whole World you’re sharing with at all. Are you really trying to validate yourself or find forgiveness and closure through your social media posts because others can see them?

I’m mocking and empathizing all at once.

Sometimes it’s not The Whole World.

It’s that message to your ex-something that gets lost in pixels. He or she isn’t even your friend, or follower, so they won’t read it, but you’re speaking to him or her, that one person, just the same…Why doesn’t it feel as good to speak to that person in your head? Because at least online there’s a chance they can hear you…See it or hear about it and care enough to say something.

Maybe I’m just describing myself. Maybe you see it all differently…

Twitter I like. Designed to maximize your wit. Noncommittal. Concise. And your old friends and family members aren’t usually there, so you can make an ass of yourself or get creative without hesitation.

And I am coming around to blogs.

Maybe I’m just too good for Facebook (I’m being facetious but let’s keep going with it): Facebook is an apartment complex, and your own blog is the house you’re building, with a personal pool.

(I live in an apartment. I’ve never lived in a house, so I’m probably not being offensive. Actually, I prefer apartments. It feels like a burglar has as good a chance of choosing your neighbor. I guess the same can be said of houses on a street, but in an apartment, if you hear the neighbor upstairs yell once and crash onto the floor above you, creating a great quake followed by silence, you will call for help because they probably just knocked themselves out, or worse—and some day, they will probably return the favor. Neighbors are a community! They keep you safe!

Of course, their dumb asses starting a fire in their kitchens puts your dumb ass in peril quicker than if you lived in a different structure. And your hallway smells like their hallway. Neighbors are like begrudging family!) Yes, Facebook is an apartment complex: communal. A blog is more exclusive, for better or worse.

If Facebook is the mall, a blog is a wrong turn during a walk and finding yourself on a quaint street you realize you like the look of. If Facebook is mainstream music, a good blog is like discovering a song unlike anything you’ve heard before. Not a loudmouth, look at me, but someone speaking earnestly.

Just kidding, a blog means you’re famous here. And you’re all that matters!


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