A Young Immigrant: My Posts from Way Back When

Typing the name of your old website into WayBack Machine and reading what doesn’t sound like you but is sharing moments about your life: It’s you, ranting into the internet as a teen.

I didn’t even remember doing this.

On the one hand, some of the posts have a strong voice…I’m impressed.

On the other, this is available online! Still? (Earth-shattering. Terrifying.) Thankfully no one will find it—unless I link it.

Here are the highlights:

A Young Immigrant

Speaking of close minded. In American Studies class last week we did a worksheet on immigrants/ illegal immigrants. I am an immigrant, and there is a rumor going around that I’m illegal—still I thought, “*Exhale* I can handle this”. And I was able to handle it until the class broke out with racist-ass comments. One girl, the worst one of all, was talking about ‘turban heads’, while making noises with her tounge. Other people were saying that all the Mexican’s need to leave THEIR country. The original chick was saying that when she moved to Florida she was going to build a giant fence around her house and put up signs telling the immigrants to keep out. I was thinking, “Sorry, bitch. But no immigrant is gonna want to come talk to you anyway. Bitch.” The packet disproved the fact that most immigrants are illegal, and that they take away Americans’ jobs, and shit like that. However, there was this one part about how they do speak their original language at home most of the time, because there aren’t enough English courses available. The whole class started bitching about how if people are gonna come into there country they better not speak spanish, and that they all better learn how to drive. I speak solely spanish at home…and my mom doesn’t know how to drive. At this point my heart was beating so damn fast. I was shaking. Adrenaline was pumping through me. I came up with this righteous-ass speech in my head to give the class, even making sure that I didn’t use swears to make my point the right way. The most I did was kind of call the stupid chick out. But that’s it. I didn’t give the speech. I regret that, but I am in highschool, and chances are I wasn’t going to make these ignorant motherfuckers see how cruel they were being.


That’s pretty shitty, but also the honest truth.

So why the new blog? I mean, for one, I don’t even like blogging. Lol. The sole reason I have it up is because I want to make easy money. That’s pretty shitty, but also the honest truth.

You and I Aren’t Safe

Ugh!…Data is never secure. I’m ranting because I had tons of notes on Google Notebook that I didn’t want to forget. I had to reset my password, and now all my shit’s gone. I’m pissed. Fuck. Things are only safe if written in pen, then put into a firesafe… safe. And not even. Nothing is ever safe. Ever. You and I aren’t safe.


In case you had old personal sites that you want to dig up: http://www.wayback.com/

I would love to see your old links in the comments. We’ll laugh at ourselves together!


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