About the Blog: Post Like It’s 1999

This blog is a throwback to the internet of the late ’90s and early 2000s, when personal blogs were abundant…I mean rampant (wait, are they still? I have no idea).

Though there’s nothing wrong with today’s professionally designed blogs meant to sell, or the YouTube channels with polished personal brands, this isn’t that. The main purpose of this blog is to share the experience of one writer and editor, from the anonymity of the still screen, mostly through words.

Welcome to the blog.

✁ ✁ ✁

Because this is a throwback, I’m going to just link stuff now.

If you’re a poet who likes reading about other poets’ processes, check out How a Poem Happens: http://howapoemhappens.blogspot.com

My other sites include:

http://laureniruiz.com – My personal writing site

http://pure-text.net – My freelance editing/business site

The random-ass site I got the scissor symbol code from: http://www.sabinanore.com/design/html-special-symbols

Just discovered this site: http://YouTube.com (I’m kidding. I do love you, though, YouTube.)